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Wicca for Beginners: The Wiccan Bible to Witchcraft, Candles and Magic Spells

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Your #1 Beginner’s Guide to the Wiccan Religion

This is a great book to begin your journey into Wicca. If you are not yet really determined into joining or if your curiosity is piqued by this pagan religion, then this is your go to book.

It offers a broad overview to appreciate what Wicca is, how it came to be, and the common misconceptions that people have about it. It is also in-depth enough that even a Wiccan follower can enjoy reading.

So, what else is in this book?

  • First and foremost, the book will give you an in-depth account of the origins of Wicca and the various denominations within the Wiccan religion. It is in this portion where you will learn that the Wiccan religion is not a century old religion. Further, you will also understand that Wicca is not synonymous with witch or witchcraft. Although there are Wiccans who practice witch craft, but there are also those who don’t.
  • The second chapter deals with more details of the Wicca religion. It talks about its traditions, beliefs, its motto and crede, and even how to become a Wiccan. When it comes to witchcraft, magick, and spells it doesn’t mean that they are bad because Wiccans live by the “Harm None” motto.
  • And lastly, you will also be initiated into casting spells. You will learn the primary steps for casting spells and even making one. Also included are the best days to cast spells which corresponds to specific purposes, as well as phases of the moon to increase potency of the spell. And most of all, there are three bonus spells included in this book and they are a love spell, money spell, and a healing spell.

With all these information, it is enough to begin your journey in embracing the Wiccan religion.

Enjoy and apply what you have learned!


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